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In today’s podcast, we have an interview with Dr. Waldo Johnson from the University of Chicago, who was interviewed by our very own Dr. Kirk E Harris. What we wanted to do is provide the audio from that interview to our listening audience. Thank you and enjoy. You can find the full transcript here.

The History of the Sociological Study of the Black Family and Black Fathers 05

In this Episode, we are joined by Dr. Tiffany McDowell and Heather Parish to discuss the issues with family engagement and family strengthening. The topics discussed are: The resiliency of the Black Family The impact of historical and institutionalized racism Trauma related to our history in this country as an African American Our Value structure […]


March 26, 2018

Black Family Engagement, Resiliency, Strengthening and Racial Equity 04

In this Episode, Ed Davies, the directer of Power of Fathers joins us to discuss the work he is conducting in our communities. Hosted by Dr. Kirk E Harris, this informative episode will expound upon how FFHC integrates with the Power of Fathers, and the collaborative work that is being progressed. Tune in!


December 7, 2017

An Innovation in Fatherhood Practice and Policy, and Organizational Change: The Power of Fathers Initiative 03

In this episode brother Ronald Clay breaks down the challenges he has faced as a returning citizen father, and how FFHC has helped encourage and assist in his walk as a father. Host: Dr. Kirk E. Harris, CEO, Fathers, Families and Healthy Communities Guest: Mr. Roland Clay, Father and FFHC Member Mr. Reginald Hicks, FFHC […]


October 2, 2017

Listening to A Father’s Voice: FFHC Member Shares His Experience as a Father and as a FFHC Member 02

In this introductory podcast, Dr. Kirk Harris interviews Dr. Michael Bennett and Sequane Lawrence. They discuss the vision and purpose of Fathers Families & Healthy Communities. Topics include: History of Fathers, Families and Healthy Communities at DePaul History of FFHC Demonstration Importance of father engagement How FFHC advances the work of fatherhood and father engagement […]


March 15, 2017

The Inaugural Podcast: The Beginnings of Fathers, Families and Healthy Communities 01