Holistic Support for 
Black Fathers and Their Families

For Black fathers by Black fathers

Keep scrolling to see how we can help. We’re committed to elevating the power within Black fathers, not diminishing it. 

That’s our promise to Black fathers.

No judgment, just support. 

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Fathers United is here for you. 

Through our program, you'll find a supportive network, valuable educational resources, and mentorship opportunities designed to help you become the best father you can be. 

Join us in building a brighter future for you, your family, and your community.

We know that every Black father can be a better father with the right resources. 

Black fathers can find the help and support you need. We’re here to help you to become the best father possible through:

  • Fatherhood and Personal Development Classes 
  • Health and Wellness Services 
  • Child Support and Child Legal Custody Services 
  • College and Career Readiness Services 

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We're committed to supporting Black fathers from all walks of life. 

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