FFHC is excited to present this report, which represents a culmination of two and a half years of work, involving over
80 community table engagements and community forums. 
In the report, FFHC seeks to uplift and give priority to community voices related to the opportunities and challenges facing Black Men and Boys in the context of their families and neighborhoods. 
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A Parent
I Am
I've been in my daughters life from the moment she was born
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I have the mindset to succeed and continue to be a great father to both of my children
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I Am A Man
It's my responsibility to keep an eye on the community
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Mothers Are Important
Together we can build stronger families through strengthening the relationship between parents and co-parents.
Communities Are Important
Coming together is a beginning; Keeping together is progress; Working together is success.

Supporting Fathers

FFHC works directly with fathers to build communities of support, allowing them to share, compare and highlight their challenges and successes as men and fathers.

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Community of Practice

The Community of Practice seeks to support low-income fathers, and in particular men of color, as they become assets to their children, families and communities.

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Policy and Advocacy

FFHC advances practices and policies that support the engagement and involvement of fathers as assets to their children, families and communities.

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FFHC conducts, tracks and collects empirical and applied research that allows for a better understanding of ways to improve father and male engagement.

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