Since our inception, we've embraced a holistic and asset-based approach to uplifting Black fathers, recognizing the vital role fathers play not only in their families but also in our communities.

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Fathers, Families, & Healthy Communities is a Chicago-based nonprofit dedicated to the upliftment of Black fathers. 

We seek to strengthen families by empowering Black men in their desire to be better fathers.



In 2002, Fathers, Families, & Healthy Communities began its journey as a Consortium at DePaul University’s Egan Urban Center. Our group brought together diverse, passionate social service and community development practitioners, applied researchers and thought leaders with a singular goal of improving the quality of life of Black fathers.

With initial funding from the Chicago Community Trust and Open Society Foundation, we launched our demonstration project in 2011. Here, our primary objective was to bring to life an inclusive and supportive program designed for Black non-custodial fathers, empowering them to thrive and contribute positively to their families and communities.

Our History

In June 2014, we received our 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, officially becoming an independent non-profit organization.

In the ten years since this designation, we have provided low-income fathers with a wealth of personalized resources and support services. These include peer-support groups, sector-specific job training and placement, legal aid, advanced education opportunities, parent engagement workshops, leadership training, and skill-building services.

From the very beginning, we have taken a holistic and asset-based approach to serving fathers throughout the Chicagoland area — rooting ourselves in the belief that Black fathers are invaluable assets to their families and play a crucial role in fostering safe and stable communities.

We’re making a difference through leadership development, grassroots organizing, and policy transformation. For example, with the Sargent Shiver National Center on Poverty Law, and Community Organizing and Family Issues (COFI), we led advocacy for the passage of Illinois Senate Bill 2340. 

Policy and Advocacy

We're actively engaged in dismantling systemic racism and leveraging our network of stakeholders to advocate for policy transformations that positively impact low-income Black fathers.

Together, we're working towards a future where all Black fathers thrive.

Senate Bill 2340 (SB2340)

This bill has increased the monthly child support payments for eligible participants of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program.

The passage of this bill did not only positively impact Black fathers and families, but all of Illinois. 

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Our Impact

In our over two decades of service to the Chicagoland area, we've proudly supported over 1,000 Black fathers — and that number continues to grow! Recognizing the profound, intergenerational influence of fathers within communities, we are honored to lead this crucial work.

With our vision as our north star, we firmly believe in the strength and resilience of fathers and remain committed to creating a Chicago where they all thrive.