Connecting The Dots™

Inspired by the cultural significance of the African Baobab Tree, we embrace an asset-based approach to empower Black fathers, who often overcome great adversity, to transform their lives and create brighter futures for themselves, their families, and their communities.

We do this by leveraging the power of collaboration to pave the way for lasting change. Our research-backed approach promotes not only individual growth but collective empowerment, creating a ripple effect of positive transformation.

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Helping Black Fathers Develop Skills to Succeed

At Fathers, Families, & Healthy Communities, we're committed to equipping Black fathers with the skills and unwavering support needed to thrive in all aspects of their lives.

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Self-Awareness & Self-Care

Understand and nurture their identities as a father and beyond.

Relationship Skills

Develop and maintain positive co-parenting relationships that cultivate bright, thriving communities.

Fathering Skills

Form and nurture lasting bonds with their children.

Social Networks & Bonds

Build a strong network of fathers who support one another in achieving various goals.

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Father's Day.

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Black Fathers Mentored

The essence of our work is rooted in collective collaboration. Like the Baobab tree, we're cultivating a fatherhood ecosystem in Chicago, extending branches of support to realize our mission.

We welcome strategic partners, stakeholders, and a cohesive community of scholars, practitioners, and service providers to join forces with us in reaching our goals.

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We exist for Black fathers, and the generations to come. Discover how we're empowering Black fathers within communities and shaping Black men into community leaders and role models. 

Fathers United 

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Fathers United 

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Are you passionate about empowering Black fathers and strengthening Black communities?

Partner with us to leverage your resources and expertise in making a meaningful impact on the lives of Black fathers and their families.

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