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The Possibilities, Potential and Power of Fathers is Enormous

We believe that fathers are an underutilized resource and an overlooked asset that can help break the cycle of poor child outcomes in many of our communities. By connecting African-American fathers and their families to a range of services and resources, FFHC provides fathers with the tools they need to meaningfully engage with their families – and ultimately to give their children a better chance at success.

Fathers, Families & Healthy Communities confronts racism, poverty and policy that limit relationships between Black Fathers and their children. Through training, collaborative partnerships and advocacy, FFHC creates new pathways for men to connect with their children, their families and their communities.
Black men are widely recognized as assets and valued as parents. This belief influences policy and transforms public and private practices.


We have instituted highly successful peer to peer programs for fathers that provide an open forum to discuss pertinent issues affecting the lives of the fathers, their families and communities. The peer to peer programs also provide a vehicle to drive powerful and proven techniques to improve a father’s relationships with his children, the mothers of his childrenand the community at large.
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